West End Million



  • West End Million Community Profile: This was written to support the bid for the original Big Local award of one million pounds. The profile covers both positives and negatives about the West End as well as ideas and themes for solutions. The document also provided a wealth of background data that could support the planning and potential delivery of the Big Local programme. It is now a few years old but much of the information and data is still valid and of use – particularly to groups or organisations looking for background material that might inform their work or help support wider grant applications they may be developing.
  • West End Million 2018 drop-in consultation: This was a small-scale consultation looking at prioritising a range of local issues. The results match up well with West End Million’s own internal feedback and again may be useful in shaping other organisations work or planning.
  • West End Million Review docs:
  • WEM Plans:
  • West End Million Privacy Policy


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