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Grants and Funding

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West End Million was awarded one million pounds by the Big Lottery Fund which spread over ten years will divide into around £100,000 a year. The fact is, this is very little in comparison to what the local government and public services invest in the West End or the annual spending of local voluntary groups or businesses. Because of this, we have to prioritise activity which meets our main aims and realistically we cannot financially support every project no matter how good they all are. The real value in what West End Million can offer is in trying to better link individuals and organisations together in order to support each other and so support the West End.

n.b. if you experience any issues downloading any of the forms below, please email us for assistance.

In funding terms, we aim to support things in three broad categories:

  1. Big Ideas fund: 
    We know that there are lots of local people who have their own great ideas for making life better for residents in the West End Million area but don’t quite know how to make it happen. The Big Ideas fund is a chance for individuals or a group of residents to tell us what they’d like to make happen in the West End. You don’t have to have everything worked out but if the idea sounds good we might be able to make some funding available to develop it or put you in touch with an organisation who could help you try and make the idea happen.
    Big Ideas Application Form: Word or PDF | Big Ideas Guidance Notes
  2. Community Chest:
    There are individuals, groups and organisations who are already doing things but have other ideas for making life better for West End residents. The Community Chest fund is your chance to make these happen. We have put £20,000 into this fund over three years and are looking for applications up to or around £500 via groups and organisations with a bank account. If your idea requires more money than this then please still get in touch as your idea might be something we can support outside of the Community Chest scheme.
    Community Chest Application Form Word or PDF | Community Chest Guidance Notes
  3. Larger Funding:
    We know there are many partners and organisational based or working in the West End who deliver outstanding work. Some of this activity aims to achieve the same outcomes that West End Million wants to deliver and where that is the case we will seek to work with some of them to deliver outcomes together. West End Million may also commission projects to address gaps in what it aims to deliver whereby partners are invited to tender for a specified plan of work. This might involve a specific tender to deliver something or through West End Million laying out a key problem and asking interested parties to put in proposals on how they would tackle it. The key to any of this will be fitting in with the themes and outcomes West End Million is working on and being able to strongly evidence what outcomes are achieved. Any activity will also constantly look toward the priorities set out through our consultation work.
    Download the Larger Funding explanation sheet

If you have any other questions about the information given on this page please send your questions in an email via our contact page and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

View The Grant Panel Decision Making Process

We will be organising a series of conversation events for individuals, groups and organisations in the area who consider they may share the goals laid out in our Action Plan or who are well placed for potential commissions. This will be to collectively share what initiatives we are all looking at as well as to learn more about West End Million’s priorities. Make sure you sign up to the mailing list to receive details of these events and join in the conversation.

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